Build "core" for national industry
The 9th round of Bundesliga matches is over!Klaus has a perfect second, Mainzwave...
The 9th round of Bundesliga matches is over!Klaus is tied! One point each for Mainz Bochum!Kane center circle lob and cap, Bayern half open eight joy!Priya, Mohenick Hayden!Little Khedira dyed red, Berlin United won 10 games in a row!Two goals in a row in the final moments, Oberg reverse Wolf Castle!Ondaf passes the ball
The battle for Rice begins, and what his transfer fee will be?To overtake Bellingham for the title of the summer
Manchester City are locked in a battle with Arsenal for Rice, while West Ham are holding out for £100 million。Arsenal's first two bids were rejected by West Ham, as was Manchester City's first £80m + £10m bid。Today, Arsenal increased their offer to £100 million plus a £5 million float, which
The whole network is concerned about this "wheat defense war", you still think "food security" is easy to rest?
June 25 is the 33rd National Land Day, this year's publicity theme is "conservation and intensive land strictly adhere to the red line of cultivated land", the land carries all things, all things symbiosis, every inch of land carries the hope of harvest。But not long ago, in Henan, the wheat season has been rainy for many years, adding great pressure to the wheat harvest in southern Henan
No news is best news!As long as they can get rid of Glazer, there is hope for United without signing
Waiting is a kind of suffering...Although there are still three days to go before the official opening of the 2023 summer transfer window, the Premier League's summer transfer window has been open for two weeks。In the past two weeks, the English Premier League has been all over the world。Take the Premier League BIG6 as an example, Manchester City have officially announced Kovacic, G
Stats Compare Bellingham: As a player, my performance at Real Madrid compared to...
Bellingham: As a player, I played 10 times better at Real Madrid than I did at Dortmund last season
The broadcast income of the English men's football team is 875 times that of the women's football team, and the average weekly salary exceeds the average annual salary of the women's football team
On June 28, Beijing time, when FIFA has been emphasizing that the income of men's and women's football needs to be consistent, Spanish media "Marca" sang the opposite tune。They say the gap between men's and women's pay has a lot to do with broadcasting rights, ticket revenue from live audiences and sponsors。Either way, women's soccer is far away
Liverpool bid $90 million to buy Real Madrid's main midfielder, Old Fergie or sell him to raise money to buy Mbappe
According to the Daily Sport, Fox Sports, El Pais and other media reports, Real Madrid has received a 90 million euro offer from Liverpool for midfielder Valverde, and Real Madrid president Florentino has hesitated。Valverde has become an important target for Liverpool。It is reported that Real Madrid have already received the offer
Mbappe is very close to Real Madrid!Or join in a few days to sign 5+1 annual salary 30 million signature fee 90 million
According to Spain's Channel Six, Mbappe has never been so close to Real Madrid, or within days of an outcome。Mbappe's decision not to activate the contract extension option has forced Paris Saint-Germain to sell him this summer or lose money after a year, and in addition to Real Madrid, Liverpool are also reported to have suddenly emerged to compete。不
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