Build "core" for national industry
Bayern are unbeaten in their last 10 official games against Dortmund...
Bayern are unbeaten in their last 10 official matches against Borussia Dortmund, winning 9 and drawing 1)。Dortmund's last win over Bayern was in the Super Cup in August 2019.)。For the first time in eight years, both Borussia Dortmund and Bayern are unbeaten in the Bundesliga - the last time was 2015/16 and then Bayern
The second signing of the Red Army summer window!It's official: Liverpool sign Sobosloy for 70 million euros
On July 2, it was official that Liverpool signed Leipzig midfielder Sobosloy。As previously reported by Romano, Liverpool have triggered Sobosloi's 70 million euro release clause。Sobosloi is 22 years old, 1.87 meters tall, an attacking midfielder, excellent footwork。Sobosloy plays for Leibi
61-year-old "Lu Jianjun" fire, put down the body for the principal to hold an umbrella to complete the speech, resume is more unusual
With the hot summer, July comes as scheduled, the college entrance examination season is also the graduation season, college students will bid farewell to the more than ten years of learning career, to the workplace, then before graduation, the school will be held a grand graduation ceremony, there will be students' wonderful speeches, there will be school leaders' intentions to speak。As we all know, the headmaster is very authoritative
Highlight a peace for the last round of the Chinese Super League four civil war words and harmony, but the process is extremely twists and turns
July 2, the 14th round of the Chinese Super League, Dalian people 1-1 draw Qingdao Manatees, ten people Meizhou and Nantong branch Yunyan and four teams each took 1 point。In the standings, these four teams are in the bottom four。Their draw in this round is also very ups and downs。Nantong v Meizhou: The match ended 1-1
Watch: Portugal rent midfielder Matthaus
Porto 0-1 Estoril, the visitors won the league again after seven rounds, this victory is Estoril's first away win since October 2022 against Gilvicente。In this match, a number of young players played well, Rodrigo Gomez was elected the best of the match,
Jeremy Lin: I'm not sure where I'll be playing next year, but I have to start preparing for the new season
July 2 news today, Jeremy Lin updated his INS, said he wanted to start preparing for the new season。Lin wrote on Instagram: "Iron Man, Kaohsiung, and all my fans, I arrived in Kaohsiung with a head and heart super tired and frustrated, facing four straight years of difficulties on and off the court。I was mentally prepared to finish
Go to Cristiano Ronaldo, goodbye Manchester United!Tenhahe did not retain, exposed De Gea accepted 250,000 weekly salary, rushed to the Asian Championship
Beijing time on July 2, European football came breaking news, for the future of de Gea, the British media "The Sun" made the latest report, De Gea became Riyadh victory target, is expected to get a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds contract, such a situation is also attracted a lot of fans attention。De Gea, 32, has just completed his first career
News!Medvedev makes a big statement
News!On June 30 local time, former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev issued a remarkable statement on social media, which made important comments on the Wagner mutiny farce and the global situation。In a statement, Medvedev said that he has been paying attention to Anglo in recent days
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