Build "core" for national industry
Celta v Sevilla Overall stats: 15 shots on goal
Beijing time on November 05 Celta vs Sevilla, the technical statistics of the two teams after the game are as follows: Celta vs Sevilla possession rate: 39%-61% Shots: 15-13 Shots positive: 3-5 corner: 4-6 Offside: 1-1 Foul: 13-10 Yellow card: 2-6 Red card: 1-0 pass
Gourd carving "Shou artiste" to "needle" ghostwriting between the ancient painted pottery culture
Lanzhou, August 31 (Tian Penghe) "Linxia painted pottery culture is one of the sources of traditional Chinese culture, each exquisite painted pottery pattern, can reflect the ancient way of life and artistic attainments.。Bai Zhengbing, the state-level inheritor of Linxia carved gourd, said that over the years he has been committed to the creation of gourd carved works and will come
Travel partner "cost all inclusive" involved in yellow?Little red book responds
It is reported that some netizens found in the small red book that "travel costs all inclusive" is becoming a code word。Under the eye-catching title of such posts, it is usually stated that "Girls only, everyone takes what they need".。According to reports, netizens posted that in the process of looking for a travel partner in the little red book, they were asked whether they were looking for "green.
The IEEE Spectrum 2023 programming Language list has been announced, and Python sits firmly at number one
In recent years, Python has swept lists such as TIOBEStack Overflow, and now in the IEEE Spectrum's 10th annual top programming language list for 2023, Python
Don't think so?Tunhag is the fastest Manchester United manager ever to reach 50 wins
United beat Fulham 1-0, according to statistics, this is Tunhag led the team to win 50 games, and he also became the fastest Manchester United coach to win 50 games。According to statistics, Tunhag led the team to 50 wins in only 78 games, which is better than Mourinho (81 games) and Solskjaer
Handan City Congtai District issued stable post return funds 154.90,000 yuan benefited 5,882 employees
August 31 (Wang Tianyi Wang Qianqian) "I really did not expect that after I submitted the application for stable post return of funds online, less than ten days of more than 16,000 yuan of return gold to our enterprise account, it is very efficient!""Said Li Yawei, HR manager of a consulting firm in Congtai district, Handan, Hebei Province, on Sunday
Tunchang: Create a "big Chang uncle small tun sister" service brand to stimulate the new vitality of grassroots governance
In recent years, Tunchang County has used the "Dachang Uncle" and "small Tun sister" urban image IP to create a grassroots service brand with Tunchang characteristics, so that "Dachang Uncle" and "small Tun sister" have become the propagandists of the Party's policies and the "good Samaritans" of social governance "pioneers" of serving the masses, and continue to stimulate the new vitality of grassroots governance
Hebei Pingxiang: Automated laying chicken breeding to produce rich "golden eggs"
August 31 (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiehammer Jiao Junling) into Hebei Province Pingxiang county Holinzhai village Ruijie farm, rows of chicken cages neatly arranged, tens of thousands of plumed laying hens are eating, laying eggs scattered on the shelf, workers are picking up eggs。"Sales do not worry, buy eggs basically
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