Build "core" for national industry
Last season, round 13, we were 0 away
Last season in the 13th round, we drew 0-0 away to Getafe!
The Chinese men's football team won two games, ushered in a heavy blow, and was forced to draw by the weak team Bangladesh!
The head coach saw this situation, he also made adjustments, sent Dai Weijun and Tan Long and other main players on the field, but the effect is not ideal, many times close at hand, is not to score, angry fans cursed, in the end of the game, many fans left in advance, they are very disappointed with these players, this is the fans of them
Irving: I was hoping the Mavericks would pick me in 2011. I'm a court killer with Doncic
September 29 - Today, the Lone Ranger held a press conference, and Owen was interviewed by reporters。"I was hoping the Mavericks would pick me in 2011," Irving said. "I believe the duo of me and Doncic can play well。We're both killers on the court and everyone knows that
Koshi Endo: It was great to play the whole game and my position was more forward than before
September 28 - Liverpool midfielder Koshi Endo has been interviewed by the media to give his views on the Carling Cup performance and tactical changes。"I really enjoyed it, I think I played better in this game than in the others and I'm happy to show who I am。"Defensively, I
The men's and women's starters for tonight's game have been announced。Castells vs...
The men's and women's starters for tonight's game have been announced。Castors and Froms are still out of injury。
Netflix closes its DVD-by-mail business tomorrow: 5.2 billion discs shipped in 25 years
On the evening of September 28, Beijing time, it is reported that Netflix's once iconic DVD mailing service is finally coming to an end。Twenty-five years ago, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs came up with the concept that not only destroyed Blockbuster's video store
The Roman Crisis!Genoa corner attack header relay break, Roma away 2 goals behind
September 29 - Serie A sixth round, Roma away to Genoa。The 74th minute of the game, Genoa opened a corner, the header relay in the penalty area, Tolsby scored the goal, Rome away 1-3 behind!
Without Messi, Miami International lost in the US Open final
Miami International lose US Open Cup final without Lionel Messi [AFP = Current affairs] Football's US Open Cup 2023 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup final on Sunday injured Leon
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