Build "core" for national industry
# Know Ball Contest COYG!!Jersey sharing Hello, I am...
# Know Ball Contest COYG!!Hello everyone, I am Arsenal fan May Day, to punch the ball sister competition ~ to share with you my favorite jersey, is my factory every shirt including this season's caterpillar 🐛) Every shirt, is a story about a player
Huawei is totally blown!Yu Chengdong comments on the new M7 sales: It is not easy to bring back the dead
Oh, bust!Yu Chengdong commented on the new M7 sales: It is not easy to come back from the dead, Huawei managing director, Terminal BG CEO, Chairman of intelligent car solutions Yu Chengdong talked about the sales situation of the new M7 in the circle of friends。He said that on October 6, the new M7 set reached 7,000 units, and yesterday 3
Google Japan makeover: Create a QWERTY keyboard hat that you can wear to type
On October 7, Google Japan launched a creative product: the Gboard hat。It's a hat that you can not only wear on your head, but also use to type on your phone。It was inspired by the keyboard cap on the physical keyboard, which is the monogrammed key, the Gboard
Defeat Japan for good!Japanese media evaluation of the Chinese women's basketball team: there are many top players in the world
Defeat Japan for good!Japanese media evaluation of Chinese women's basketball: with a number of top players in the world on October 6, 2023, Beijing time, Japanese media issued a comment on the Chinese women's basketball team that won the gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou。The Japanese women's basketball team said that the Chinese women's basketball team has a number of top players in the world
Home end, Qingdao manatee singing the 30th birthday song!Dalian man: These three points are hard to win
At 15:30 on Sunday, October 29, in the 29th and penultimate round of the 2023 Chinese Super League, Qingdao Manatees will host Dalian People。Before the game, Qingdao Manatee Football Club released the ticket information of the game early。This is the last home of Qingdao Manatees in the Chinese Super League this season。
Bloomberg: BMW's all-electric models produced in China may be the target of an EU investigation
On October 7, the European Union announced last month that it had launched an anti-subsidy investigation into China's electric vehicles, and the relevant news "stirred up a thousand layers of waves", causing great controversy among people from all walks of life。In a report on Friday local time, Bloomberg claimed that BMW had received "information from the European Union regarding its all-electric iX3 model.
Microsoft will launch its first artificial intelligence chip next month to reduce its dependence on Nvidia
On October 7, according to foreign media, citing sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft plans to launch the company's first chip designed to support artificial intelligence (AI) at its annual developer conference next month。The move is the result of years of effort and could help Microsoft reduce its dependence on Nvidia's AI chips
It's so cheap!How much does Wang Siyu earn a year?The total is 2.8 million RMB
It's so cheap!How much does Wang Siyu earn a year?Chinese women's basketball player Wang Siyu earns 2.8 million yuan a year。As a WCBA all-star player, Wang Siyu officially transferred to Sichuan Women's Basketball team in November 2022, and her annual income is expected to be about 2.8 million yuan.
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