Build "core" for national industry
All five of Trossard's goals this season have come with assists from Sacca。
All five of Trossard's goals this season have come with assists from Sacca。
At £1.1 billion over 10 years, Chelsea's ability to sell players is the highest in the Premier League, five times that of Manchester United
Chelsea have earned five times as much from selling players as Manchester United over the past decade, giving them the freedom to splurge on transfers。There has never been a team in the Premier League that sells players on a continuous basis and generates a lot of revenue like Chelsea。In just 10 working days, 10 players have left Stamford Bridge, giving the team more than a run for their money
Chinese Super League - Chen Zhechao slashes Rodrigo Yang a tiger to build Zhang Yan straight red Meizhou 3-1 Chengdu
Live broadcast on July 7 news Beijing time on July 7 at 19:35 in the evening, the 15th round of the Chinese Super League, Meizhou Hakka hosted Chengdu Rongcheng。In the first half, Zhang Yan attack foul straight red was sent off, Cheng Yuelei missed the ball in the back to send a big gift, Chen Zhechao before the end of the half。In the second half, Rodrigue broke the goal, Yang Yihu
Reporter: Brighton want 100 million pounds for Caicedo, Chelsea will not pay more than 90 million pounds
According to reporter Rudy Galetti, Brighton asked £100 million for Cacedo, but Chelsea will not pay more than £90 million。Rudy Galetti has pointed out that Chelsea are interested in making a summer move for Brighton midfielder Caicedo, with both clubs signing in recent days
Rodrigo: I love playing at the Bernabeu, we have great fans
Real Madrid striker Rodrigo gave a post-match interview to UEFA after his side's 3-0 home win over Braga。Rodrigo said: "I love playing here, we have a great fan base and it's good to give them something to cheer about。"On the unity of the team Roeder
Bundesliga update Paris all-time signings list: Neymar 2.2.2 billion, Mbappe 1.800 million, Ugarte 6th
July 7 news Paris official announced 60 million euros signed the Portuguese back Ugarte, "transfer market" also listed the Paris team history list。Germany to update Paris all-time list: Euro 1.Neymar, Barca →, 17-18 season, 2.22亿2.Mbappe, Monaco →, 18-19 season
Take stock of the best players out of Portugal: C Ronaldo, Leo lead the offensive line, B Fee in the midfield
July 7, official news, Portugal sports midfielder Ugarte transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, transfer fee 60 million euros, the two sides signed until 2028。Today's data website Squawka took stock of the players who came out of Portugal and listed a set of best eleven players, of which C Luo,
Hardison plays the NBL like he's playing!Led the comeback with 49 points, killed the last quarter, had a murderous look in his eyes
When Hudson arrived in the country earlier, he had visibly gained weight。In addition, he is almost 39 years old, so in this case, many people are worried that Hudson's condition may not be very good。However, after two games, Hudson can still dominate the arena。Especially after scoring 47 points in the game
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