Build "core" for national industry
Every body: De Jong missed the national Derby and may not return until after the international break in November
According to the Daily Sport, De Jong may not be able to return until after the international break in November。Reports say de Jong will miss this weekend's national Derby as he has not recovered from an ankle injury。The Dutch midfielder suffered a right ankle injury against Celta in September。De Jong is still recovering and is
Bild: Sabitzer unlikely to stay, Bayern willing to sell 15 million euros
July 1 news "Bild" news, Bayern want to sell Sabitzer for 15 million euros。United recently announced that Sabitzer will leave the team at the end of his loan。Sabitzer's future at Bayern has yet to be determined, but is unlikely to stay at Bayern next season。Especially considering that Bayern just waived a visa for Lemmer,
The Post: Everton are considering Danjuma again as they seek a loan deal for next season
On June 30, the Daily Mail reported that Everton are considering Danjuma again, seeking to loan the 26-year-old winger for next season。In January, Everton were close to signing Danjuma on loan, with media reports that the player had undergone a medical, but at the last minute things took a turn and the player joined
Minister Luo: Hello!Please stand at the front desk of the 28 drama, and send the Chai Sang in to be fair
Du recently threatened to send Chai Sang inside, delaying the closing from late June to late July because she had found a ceiling to use as a protective body。However, the powerful Dufan will not stop, you can find the ceiling, I can break through the ceiling。This is not, a netizen named Xiyu said to go to Beijing, Minister Luo
Why don't I have any fans?In response to the call of friends to join the understand the ball sister contest Northern Expeditionary Army!
In response to the call of a group of friends for a long time did not take photos hahaha hahaha only recently received the favorite Belin this jersey will be sent by the way with some time ago the birthday photo water hey hey all see my car north trip!!# Know Ball Girls Contest
Beijing Control narrowly beat Xinjiang 98-95 Liao Saning 17+7+7 Yu Dehao 14+8+8
October 15 report: On October 15, the third round of the CBA regular season was played by Beijing Control。Both sides played two good periods, and the game was tight and close。With Gordon's stable performance in the decisive moment, Beijing Control defeated Xinjiang 98-95, ending the other side's 2 consecutive wins。Fourth quarter score: 26-20
Bali murder deep dig: The Revelations of the man's friends, suspected to point to a new possibility of murder
The whole process from the murder case in Bali to the two people being judged as "love killing" is full of many doubts that can not be uncovered until now。And as the two deceased parties dug deeper into the incident, a new detail suspected to emerge。01, the dialogue between the man and his mother is facing the camera, Li Chiming's mother has been so
Wu before eye injury still feel online 20+5 rate team to win strong opponents
October 16 report: On the evening of October 16, the CBA regular season ushered in a focus battle。A 121-88 victory, marking the third straight win。In this game, the Zhejiang guard performed well, playing 29 minutes and 12 seconds, contributing 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists。He hurt his eye two days ago. He's taking
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