Build "core" for national industry
Gallagher has recovered the ball most times in the offensive third division in the Big Five this season...
Gallagher is the player in the Big Five leagues who has regained the ball in the offensive third zone the most times this season, 18
CAI Bin discontent bitter melon sister pass!Referee regardless of helpless smile, Boscovic and Jin soft scenery talk
The Chinese Women's volleyball team played a four-set battle with Serbia, and although they did not win the first World League in the third week, the Chinese women's volleyball team performed well。After encountering the opponent's service impact in the first set, the Chinese women's volleyball team did not lose confidence, but was more brave, and also used the serve to impact the opponent's pass。The next three games are for both sides
The women's volleyball team has no strong support, no solution to the problem?Countries are naturalizing. Why not naturalize Vargas
The Chinese Women's volleyball team lost the world Championship champion Serbia 1-3 in the World Women's Volleyball League. In fact, the result is not surprising. The women's volleyball girls have tried their best, but they can't achieve it。What is the difference between China and Serbia?If I had to list the failures, I could list N of them, but the most obvious reason is Thayer
13 shows!Tianjin Jinmen Tigers set the longest unbeaten home record in Chinese Super League history
In the 13th round of the Chinese Super League, Rosa opened twice to help Tianjin Jinmen Tigers reverse Qingdao Manatees 3-2 at home。According to statistics, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger has refreshed the team's history of the Chinese Super League home unbeaten record 13 games)。After 13 rounds of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger 5 wins and 8 draws remain unbeaten, they and Chengdu Chengdu is the Chinese Super League so far this season, only left
Marouane Fellaini promised not to retire: I want to enjoy football for another year or two
Fellaini, who is about to bid farewell to Shandong Taishan, accepted an interview with "La Derniere Heure"。Speaking about his future, Fellaini said: "I have received several offers, including one from Europe, and I want to enjoy football for another year or two。"Talking about his own state Fellaini table
Chinese women's volleyball team 3 consecutive defeats expose the biggest shortboard!2 big side attack weak, 1 person difficult to prop up Li Yingying diagonal
In a focus match of the World Women's Volleyball League in South Korea that ended on the evening of June 28, Beijing time, the Chinese Women's Volleyball team lost to its old rival Serbia in 4 sets 1-3 and suffered 3 consecutive defeats。As the champion and runner-up of the Rio Olympic Games, this is China and Serbia's women's volleyball team again in the main team after a gap of six years
How important Zhu Ting is?Substitute was scolded to the police for help CAI Bin real crisis came
1-3, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost to Serbia, such a result is expected, without Zhu Ting, the Chinese women's volleyball team can not compete with the strong team。In this showdown with the Serbian women's volleyball team, the Chinese women's volleyball team can be said to lose in the strength of the inferior people。The four sets were scored 13-25, 25-17, 23-2
Women's volleyball 1-3 Serbia!Li Yingying scorer, 2 young players into a surprise, CAI Bin + Wang Yun 蕗 was criticized
Beijing time on June 28 women's volleyball and Serbia match, this game we played a little big problem。The first game of the attack and defense all collapsed, completely beaten by the opponent。In the second game, we passed the ball firmly, but also prevented a heavy catch, and suspended Serbia。But in the final moments of the third game, the key point was fluctuating,
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