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Dybala on marriage proposal: I prepared the surprise, Morata and Paredes also came to help me
Speaking to Argentinean journalist Gaston Edul about the night he proposed, Dybala said that his girlfriend did not expect him to propose, and Paredes and Morata also helped him surprise。It took me some time to get ready because I had to plan it。Some of our friends are
Team note: The Bulls continue to receive some inquiries about lavine but are asking a high price for him
July 1 - According to Bulls team reporter Joe Cowley, sources say the Bulls continue to receive a number of inquiries about Lavine, but they are asking an extremely high price for Lavine。As previously reported by Philadelphia Radio reporter Kyle Neubeck, the Bulls have asked for lavine's asking price in a potential trade
A big shock in table tennis!The Japanese world runner-up went out, squandered match point collapse, and misfired on his last shot
In the evening of June 30, Beijing time, the national table tennis player Liu Weishan appeared and blocked the runner-up of the Japanese National Championship singles and the runner-up of the women's team of the World Table Tennis Championships, Miyou Kihara. As a result, Liu Weishan led 1-0 and was forced into a corner by the reverse super, but finally won 3-2 and only won 2 in the decisive game
Table tennis event arrangement in July: 20 national table tennis players will be on the March, 7 matches will be staged one after another!
Table tennis friends hello, this is table tennis talk。On July 1, Beijing time, the world table tennis world ushered in the second half of 2023。At the beginning of each month, I will give you an inventory of this month's events, so what are the events worth paying attention to in July, this article will give you an inventory!Let's focus first
Dima: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has reached an agreement with Cardinale to become the Atletico Milan leader...
Dima: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cardinale reach agreement to become general manager of Atletico Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic will take up a role in Milan's athletic field and will be fully involved in the operation at his own request。He will become general manager of Atletico Milan。An agreement has been reached between him and Cardinale that they will meet in the next few days
The opponent's mistake sent 32 points still turned the Chinese women's volleyball team!The two sides continued their slump, scoring 17 runs in 5 innings
In a focus battle at the South Korean station of the World Women's Volleyball League that ended on the evening of June 30, Beijing time, the Chinese women's volleyball team lost to the old rival Dominican Women's Volleyball team 2-3 in 5 sets, suffering 4 consecutive defeats in this event。Although in the previous world League four times, the Chinese women's volleyball team maintained a full victory, but the Dominican Republic is still China
First place in the finals!The Olympic runner-up advanced 3-0, and the shaved player Han Ying was the European champion 3-1
Beijing time on June 30, 2023 the 3rd European Games is underway, is the ongoing table tennis competition, the women's team four strong list has all been released, respectively, Germany, France, Portugal, and Romania。In the semi-finals, Olympic runners-up Germany take on Portugal and Romania take on France, four
The latest table of the World Women's Volleyball League: China 2-3 Dominica 4 consecutive defeats, Japan 1-3 Netherlands
On June 30, Beijing time, the 2023 World Women's Volleyball League continued, we look at the two games that have just ended, China lost 2-3 to the Dominican Republic, suffered 4 consecutive defeats, Japan lost 1-3 to the Netherlands, and also suffered the fourth defeat in this event。In addition to Japan's defeat today, Germany also lost 1-3 against Sale
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