Build "core" for national industry
Close the window early, Marca: Real Madrid will not sign in the winter window, they have confidence in the current squad
According to "Marca" news, Real Madrid will not bring in new signings in the winter window, they have confidence in the existing squad。"Marca" reported that in the past week, the rumors about Real Madrid's potential winter window signings have increased dramatically。However, Real Madrid have no intention of participating in this transfer window, the market was closed before it opened。皇马
Insider: Jugo + Double Tango could be the best No. 123 combination since Jordan Pippen Harper
October 2 - Landon Buford interviewed several league insiders today about the Celtics' operation this summer。The insider praised: "The addition of Holiday gives the Celtics a monster set of 123 position combinations, Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Holiday may.
Sneijder: Inter have the best midfield in Serie A and Klaassen is difficult to integrate and get enough space
Sneijder: Inter Milan has the best midfield in Serie A, Klaassen is difficult to integrate and get enough space to live it on October 2, the current round of Serie A league, Inter Milan 4-0 victory Salernitana, Klaassen started。After the game, Dutch and Inter famous Sneijder spoke about Klaassen's situation at Inter。 斯
15 minutes to go, 2023 Dortmund "Happy Island Cup" youth...
In 15 minutes, the opening match of the 2023 Dortmund "Happy Island Cup" youth football friendly is about to start!Here is a link to the live stream ⬇️
Lautaro: Serie A golden boot?Inter are more important;This victory is dedicated to Pawar
Lautaro spoke to DAZN after scoring his 12th league goal to keep Inter top of the Serie A table with a 2-1 away win over Atalanta。You showed in a difficult stadium that you can withstand pressure. "We knew before the game that we were going to face a team that we have not lost at home this season
My October schedule (the following times are all Beijing time) : 🏟️ October...
The following times are Beijing time) : 🏟️, Oct 5, 3:00 am vs AC Milan Champions League) 🏟️, Oct 7, 21:30 PM vs Bundesliga Bundesliga Bundesliga (🏟️, Oct 21, 2:30 am vs Werder Bremen Bundesliga) ✈️ Oct
Reinforcing ability is limited!The Green Army lost the middle class exception when they acquired Holiday
October 02 news last night, the NBA reached a blockbuster trade, the Celtics sent Brogdon, Lowe and two first-round picks, from the Trail Blazers in exchange for Jrue Holiday。After this trade, the Celtics' total payroll exceeded the luxury tax second tier, and under the new rules of the collective bargaining agreement, the Green Army will lose the middle completely
Dailies: Guerrero has emerged as a threat for Gretzka's starting midfield position, in...
Diario Guerrero has emerged as a threat to Gretzka's starting midfield position and could replace him after the latter's poor performance against Leipzig。Tuchel spoke highly of Guerrero before and after the game, admiring his ability to carry the ball, his decision-making, his understanding of the game and his ability to play
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