Build "core" for national industry
The younger generation!Men and women came out together to watch three new stars of Real Madrid win the Ballon d 'Or
A substantial premium!Midfielders account for half of Premier League summer spending
The reporter's cold ice report counts the basically closed Rice 1.1.6 billion euros), Tonali, Sobersley 70 million) and Mount 64 million), the Premier League transfer investment this summer has reached 8.600 million euros, more than a third of the total investment in the Premier League summer last year。The investment in midfielders accounted for 4. 4 percent
Mysterious people illegally built Qinling villa, under the lock dragon array hinder the development of our country, 749 bureau a word: demolition
In July 2018, the illegal construction of villas at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains caused a sensation across the country, more than 1,000 villas were demolished and few remained, and many provincial and municipal leaders fell。Regarding the illegal construction of villas, Beijing's top management issued several instructions to the relevant leaders to thoroughly investigate, but local officials and the entire Xi 'an city officials did not pay attention to the joint consultation
Goodbye Bayern!80 million attackers or play for Real Madrid, 1.200 million international players are expected to play
According to AS, if Real Madrid winger Mendy leaves this summer, the Galacticos will make a move for Bayern Munich winger Alfonso Davies。It is reported that Alfonso Davies has one year left on his contract with Bayern, and Bayern were close to signing with Alfonso Davies before Sali Hamitage left
Bayer Leverkusen knew Barca were interested in Wertz, but also knew they couldn't afford it
According to previous media reports, La Liga giants Barcelona are very interested in Leverkusen star Virts。According to the latest report of "World Sport", Leverkusen has learned that Barcelona are very concerned about Virts, but they are not worried about this, because Leverkusen believes that Virts's transfer fee is difficult for Barcelona
Short-term wind, some areas of heavy rain!Concerning a new round of rain, Tianjin Defense Office latest tips!
Source: Tianjin Daily A new round of rain is coming!Regarding a new round of rain today, the Municipal Defense Office issued safety tips on doing a good job of rain prevention ↓↓ The municipal defense refers to the member units, branches, and district defense offices: according to the meteorological department forecast, there is a moderate intensity thunderstorm weather from midnight to tomorrow morning after July 3 in our city.
Goodbye Paris!Neymar willing to take a pay cut to leave the team, the latest exposure of the next home
Paris Saint-Germain have fully agreed terms with Luis Enrique, according to RMC in France。Paris are understood to have signed Enrique on a two-year contract。The former Barca champion will succeed Galti as the new coach of Paris。But Enrique's arrival will not change Paris' determination to purge Neymar。
Female technician promised to change his mind after the room, just because he found that the size of the guy is too big, worried that he can not bear it!
In daily life, it is lucky to meet people who fall in love at first sight。At this time, only persistent pursuit can let the other party understand their own intentions and gradually accept themselves。Relationships can take root and thrive, but the prerequisite for pursuing them must be to confirm whether the other person already has a partner。If the other person is already in love
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