Build "core" for national industry
It's official: 38-year-old Mexican goalkeeper Carlos Ochoa has been named Salernitana's Player of the Month for October
It's official, 38-year-old Mexican goalkeeper Carlos Ochoa has been named Salernitana's player of the Month for October。In October, Salernitana played three games, with one draw and two losses, scoring two goals and conceding six。Ochoa played two games for Salernitana in October, with no clean sheets。The 38-year-old Ochoa Yu
Cuban on draft: Doncic is excited about it too We want players who can be around Eastern Europe
June 23 - Today, the Maverick boss Cuban on "97.1 The Freak spoke to reporters。He said of the upcoming draft: "I talked to Doncic on Facetime about it and he was excited about it。For the team's double star Donchi
Milan cut Paris ❓ Romano: Milan's new offer to Lilian Thuram leaves Paris out of contention
June 23 news L 'Equipe previously reported that Thuram will not go to Paris。Reporter Romano republished the report and explained why。Romano said: "AC Milan's increased offer impressed Thuram, which Paris did not want to see。Today Paris has decided not to proceed with the deal。Today, Milan
China's Under-17 football team is out!Coach Jochen has been questioned: only attack does not understand defense
Recently, the Chinese U17 national team met with Saudi Arabia in the final round of the group stage of the Asian Junior League, and this game is an unmitigably life-and-death battle for the team。Because the Chinese team only got one point in the first two group games, the hope of qualifying is very slim。If the Chinese team wants to make a miracle out of the group of death
Score90 has updated the probability of winning the top scorer in the Bundesliga...
Score90 has updated the TOP5 chances of winning the Bundesliga 🏆, Bayern Munich's Kane is the highest in the list, with a 56% chance of winning the Bundesliga Golden Boot, he has scored 12 goals in the league;Stuttgart's Thacker
Make the 12 men's basketball team!Guangdong Eukaryotic officially completed the upgrade, currently the second strongest local position
With the end of the 2022-23 CBA season this off-season, the Chinese men's basketball team's preparation for the World Cup is getting closer and closer。As the national team training day gradually approached, the main players basically ended their training and began to gather。Recently, the Guangdong men's basketball team of the eukaryotic Hu Mingxuan also ended with Zeng Fan
The Clippers waived Brogdon because they didn't have time to complete a physical and it wasn't clear if surgery was needed
On June 23, according to Green Army reporter Adam Himmelsbach, sources revealed that the main reason for the Clippers to waive Brogdon was that there was no time to complete the physical。Himmelsbach noted that it's unclear whether Brogdon will need to undergo forearm surgery, but if he does
Analysis: The six K is not a high-end fighter, it can approach the Reagan, not only by low altitude raid
Yesterday the whole nation received a letter from the Propaganda Department praising the bomber crew, which flew the H-6K fighter jet, for locking down the aircraft carrier USS Reagan and conducting a simulated strike, forcing the aircraft carrier to turn around。The H-6K is actually not a very advanced bomber, even
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